Bridge Students Program!

Elite Open School prepare the students who are in transition:

– to American Middle and High School,

– to International Schools in Asia or in Japan (students on the waiting list to go to other schools),

– from Japanese School to English School or planning to go to the U.S. Universities from a Japanese high school,

– from a foreign country back to Japan and wants to continue a study in English,

– other particular situations (We are here to help students with special academic needs)

Elite Open School provides a complete WASC accredited transcript to your transferring institutions.



– 現アメリカン中・高校の在学生

– アジアや日本の他インターナショナルスクール在校生(他の学校に行くための待機リストに載っている学生)

– 日本の一般校から英語圏の学校への進学予定者(日本の高等学校から米国の大学に行く予定)

– その他、特定状況の学生(特別な個別ニーズを持つ学生を支援する)


Please call us for interview today! 03-6416-9836

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