Art Program with Dr Chae

Art Education Program at Elite Open School aims to provide students with the skills to express themselves in a creative way. Students learn how to use a variety of art tools and apply a wide range of a media. They also study the works of artist from different cultures and times.


Through work on line, tone, color, pattern, texture, shape, form, and space, students learn to develop their own ideas.

Instructional processes:

-Demonstration (step by step)
-Hands-on activities (drawing & making)
-Reviews of the basic art principles (perspectives, light, color, motion, proportion, composition, & form)
-Art History (artist of this month)
-Art production (clay& paper models)

Expected Outcomes:

Students will be able to enhance their visual expression skills, a better problem solver spatially and become more creative thinkers.

Dr Eunjoo Chae, Doctor of Education, Pittsburg University, USA

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