We want our students to come out of our middle school fully prepared and qualified to take on even the toughest and most selective high schools around. Our curriculum at EOS LRC Tokyo is comprehensive and includes courses that will not only provide a complete education, but also expose these young students to possible career paths and interests. EOS LRC Tokyo strives to guide students through every challenge they face during their path to various high schools and futures.

Curriculum Focal Points

  • Foundations for High School
    • The sole academic mission for our Middle School program is to prepare students for the rigor, skills, and study disciplines necessary the minute they enter high school. With the ever-present college preparatory focus within all of Elite Education, we believe that all students should be trained in their middle school years to surmount academic challenges, instead of struggling to adjust in high school when transcript records are judged without mercy during the college application process. 
  • STEM Emphasis for All
    • As a school-wide focus, science is one area where we would like students to have maximum exposure, not because we wish for everyone to enter STEM fields but because EOS LRC Tokyo believes that the widest possible knowledge base of science will serve students well for everything they learn thereafter in college and their careers. For that reason, we double up on science courses for our middle schoolers. EOS LRC Tokyo also offers UC-Approved Computer Science courses for the more advanced and interested students. 
  • Algebra Readiness and Beyond
    • EOS LRC Tokyo has at the ready advanced math pathways to complete algebra and even geometry in the middle school years. This is growingly important because of the math timetable in high school. More and more colleges would like to see AP Calculus completed by the time of college application, which requires the completion of Algebra 1 if not Geometry during the middle school years. Every effort will be made to accelerate math, according to each student’s level and ability. 
  • Artificial Intelligence Based Math and Science 
    • As a part of Elite Education Group, EOS LRC Tokyo is focused on bringing the best of edu-tech to our students. As a part of our mission to leverage technology, all EOS LRC Tokyo students receive learning assistance through extra practice and targeted micro lessons to reinforce the skills and content mastery confirmation through an AI-Augmented math and science digital supplement. With transparent progress monitoring, our staff of counselors and instructors use this as a review or preview tool to help our students in ways not possible years before. With our guidance, it is nearly mathematically impossible to not fully learn and understand math and science subjects or not get an A in the class. Not all AI tools are gimmicks, and we at EOS LRC Tokyo are committed to bringing those to bear on our students’ futures. 

For Every Student, A Team

In line with the historic proven success of Elite Education Group, EOS LRC Tokyo embraces the model of assembling a close team of educators that partner with the family to march forward semester by semester, year by year, until the academic goals are achieved. The success of teamwork for every student is undeniable and the results are unforgettable. Here are some of the people that will be assembled for EACH student throughout his or her academic journey.

  • Master Course Instructors
    • Course Instructors at EOS LRC Tokyo are masters of their subject matter and are certified and trained to levels that exceed accreditation standards. EOS LRC Tokyo employs only teachers with certifications or graduate degrees in their subject fields. The faculty list of EOS LRC Tokyo is filled with MAs, PHDs, and even JDs and represent the top of the school rankings. 
  • Academic Excellence Oversight Teams
    • Centralized in the EOS HQ, there are team members devoted to being another layer of tracking and oversight for student planning, performance, and progress towards set goals and grades. They act as the neural network that binds all assets together in concert for the fluid success of every semester for every student. 
  • Principal and Counselors
    • As the lead figures of the campus but also the nexus of every support and service available to the student, our principals and counselors have only one mission, and that is to support the successful education of every student, not just in the current step, but for the next step ahead. These educators are sworn professionals who will exert every resource and option available to make sure that no child achieves under their potential. They are the ones developing master plans with families and provide a level of attention that is simply impossible at traditional schools. Through them, the full educational force of Elite Education Group is at each family’s disposal. 
  • Mentoring Team
    • As another measure of assistance, students will receive the support and attention of our Mentoring Team that is devoted to each individual student’s growth and academic potential. Their jobs are to constantly check on and check in with students daily, weekly, and monthly, all the while sending research, ideas, experiential opportunities to the counselors and coaches in executing the academic master plans.