• College Prep Courses
    • EOS LRC Tokyo provides students with a diverse range of college prep-level courses from which teams of expert counselors and advisors plan with students and families to chart a course towards graduation and college beyond. Every year, curriculum and content is assessed and updated to ensure that our students are receiving the best education possible.
  • University of California A-G Approved Courses
    • Since 2016, all of the courses that our students take at EOS LRC Tokyo are approved by the University of California and the standards set forth for A-G Requirements. The UC schools and the Board of Regents have set forth some of the most demanding criteria by which all of a school’s courses are evaluated for approval on an annual basis. Simply put, it is the gold standard of curriculum and content quality in the world and it is what we set as our minimum standards.
  • Honors and Advanced Placement Courses 
    • EOS LRC Tokyo provides some of the most Honors and Advanced Placement courses of all high schools so that students who wish to be challenged in certain areas, at varying degrees of challenge, can fulfill their growth potential. The Honors courses at EOS LRC Tokyo, just like the AP courses, are approved as Honors Courses by the University of California, meaning that they will receive an extra GPA Point in the GPA calculations for admission. Both public and private colleges and universities will generally honor our advanced courses. All of the Advanced Placement courses at EOS LRC Tokyo are approved by The College Board.
  • Dual Credit Courses
    • For the students who wish to challenge themselves beyond the traditional advanced courses of Honors and APs, EOS LRC Tokyo is able to offer students the opportunity to earn college credit for a long list of advanced courses. Students will receive grades on both the high school transcript as well as the US Regionally Accredited College’s transcript. Both transcripts will be sent to the schools the student has applied to. Dual Credit courses count for extra weighted GPA points when applying to colleges and universities. While generally confirmed at the point of matriculation, our Dual Credit courses provide transferable college credit so that EOS LRC Tokyo students, with enough Dual Credit courses, can enter college as freshmen but with sophomore standing, leading to possibilities of double majors, additional minors, or early college graduation. 
  • Broad UC-Approved Elective Courses
    • One of the rare advantages of EOS LRC Tokyo students is the depth of the course catalog that offers students a wide range of UC Approved elective courses, ranging from additional computer science courses to humanities courses and even to career related courses in business (ex: Accounting 1 and 2)  to medical courses (ex: Intro to Health Science) to social studies courses (ex: Ethnic Studies) and many more. 
  • NCAA Approved Courses
    • For students interested in college athletics that are a part of the NCAA, most EOS LRC Tokyo courses are NCAA Division 1 and Division 2 approved. Upon admission to EOS LRC Tokyo, students and their coaches will work closely with our counselors and teams to chart a flexible progression of coursework that meets those guidelines. 
  • Artificial Intelligence-Based Math and Science 
    • As a part of Elite Education Group, EOS LRC Tokyo is focused on bringing the best of edu-tech to our students. As a part of our mission to leverage technology, all EOS LRC Tokyo students receive learning assistance, extra practice, targeted mini and micro lessons, reinforcement, and skill and content mastery confirmation through an AI-Augmented math and science digital supplement. With transparent progress monitoring, our staff of counselors and instructors use this as a review or preview tool to help our students in ways not possible years before. With our guidance, it is nearly mathematically impossible to not fully learn and understand math and science subjects or not get an A in the class. Not all AI tools are gimmicks, and we at EOS LRC Tokyo are committed to bringing those to bear on our students’ futures.

Unmatched Academic Rigor and Opportunity

  • 217 Courses
  • 42 World Language Courses
  • 103 UC Approved College Prep Courses
  • 15 UC Approved Honors Courses
  • 18 College Board AP Courses
  • 24 Dual Credit Courses
  • 12 Computer Science Courses

For Every Student, A Team

  • Master Course Instructors
    • Course Instructors at EOS LRC Tokyo are masters of their subject matter and are certified and trained to levels that exceed accreditation standards. EOS LRC Tokyo employs only teachers with certifications or graduate degrees in their subject fields. The faculty list of EOS LRC Tokyo is filled with MAs, PHDs, and even JDs and represent the top of the school rankings. 
  • Academic Excellence Oversight Teams
    • Centralized in the EOS HQ, there are team members devoted to being another layer of tracking and oversight for student planning, performance, and progress towards set goals and grades. They act as the neural network that binds all assets together in concert for the fluid success of every semester for every student. 
  • Principal and Counselors
    • As the lead figures of the campus but also the nexus of every support and service available to the student, our principals and counselors have only one mission, and that is to support the successful education of every student, not just in the current step, but for the next step ahead. These educators are sworn professionals who will exert every resource and option available to make sure that no child achieves under their potential. They are the ones developing master plans with families and provide a level of attention that is simply impossible at traditional schools. Through them, the full educational force of Elite Education Group is at each family’s disposal. 
  • College Counselors
    • Perhaps one of the greatest assets to students are the college counselors that draw from the training, knowledge, best practices, and latest insights of the College Consulting division of Elite Prep. Professional counselors will be meeting with students and families regularly, giving exclusive access to seminars and workshops, overseeing all student action plans, and of course, guiding the final steps of a multi-year college application process.