Elite Open School is a WASC and Cognia accredited school. The EOS Tokyo Learning Resource Center is a private international micro-school located in the private setting in Daikanyama, and is a part of the Elite Education Group family of education services and schools. Elite Education Group has been an industry founder and leader with a focus on college preparation since 1987.

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide students with a challenging academic environment that promotes personal growth and discipline, develops the knowledge and skills necessary to unlock their academic potential, and ultimately assists them in gaining admission to the colleges and universities of their choice. Furthermore, we believe in instilling a passion for learning and promoting high standards of academic ambition in our students, encouraging them to develop their talents and passions so that they may reach their full potential both academically and personally.”

Value Statement

“To give students and their families the freedom and support to pursue their dreams without sacrificing quality education.”

Learner Outcomes


  • Willingness to struggle for intellectual growth with delayed gratification/result
  • Capacity to successfully operate at a college level with career foundations and learning skills built over time
  • Achievement of global standards for admission to American Top 100 Schools or Global equivalent
  • Integration of technology to improve the efficiency of knowledge resources and study tools
  • Leveraging of classic learning methods in areas insufficiently addressed by technology

Problem Solving

  • Leveraging problem solving skills in effective leadership roles to innovate solutions and inspire change in one’s community
  • Placing as much importance on asking the right questions as giving the right answers
  • Approaching every challenge or obstacle as an opportunity
  • Leveraging media, technology, and literature to build and improve one’s self


  • Having a growth mindset, instead of a fixed mindset
  • Prioritizing creativity and innovation over blind tradition and methods
  • Ability to conquer fear of failure and see drawbacks as learning opportunities
  • Taking action instead of simply reacting to one’s surroundings
  • Self-reflection for personal growth
  • Ability to assess multiple perspectives, beyond one’s own


  • Having the diversity of skills, experiences, and knowledge to lead a technologically driven future
  • Leading proactively with actions over words
  • Personal responsibility with a focus on self-improvement, not blame
  • Impacting local communities while thinking globally
  • Understanding and acting on behalf of causes greater than one’s self

Self Management

  • Effectively managing one’s time
  • Possessing the initiative to work independently AND collaboratively to apply learned concepts
  • Setting and accomplishing goals while building a solid work ethic
  • Integrating Technology into the achievement of personal goals


  • Integrating media and technology in promotion of ideas
  • Mastering spoken, written, and non-verbal communication
  • Embracing second and third language, including coding
  • Possessing beyond grammar skill but systematic thinking and impactful language
  • Showing ability to speak thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently – a growingly rare quality
  • Leveraging technology to empower communication globally with peers across the world


  • Ability to Work in teams of diverse backgrounds (race, ages, class, creed, etc)
  • Understanding that the world is becoming closer and smaller due to technology, thus being equipped to bring diverse people’s efforts together
  • Knowing that future problems won’t be solved by individuals but by teams

Why Choose EOS LRC Tokyo?

The Elite Open School LRC Tokyo teaching methods, education standards, and curriculum enable the effective delivery of a middle and high school academic experience that conforms to UC-approved graduation requirements. It ensures thorough college preparation, backed by years of experience from Elite Education Group, while freeing up instructional hours for the pursuit of less traditional subjects and passions. It is the ideal platform that pairs the flexibility of our approach to education with the quality of a top college-bound program.

Why Choose a Blended Education?

At EOS LRC Tokyo we promoted blended learning because students should maximize the benefits of both digital content and the classic in-person learning and human connection that cannot be beat. One cannot come at the expense of the other, and we believe in leveraging these two mediums. We wish to develop the interpersonal skills and team based accountability students get with a live teaching and learning dynamic. However, we do not want students to be bogged down by the analog methods of content acquisition of the past. Nor do we wish for students to aimlessly click around, left to navigate the digital curriculum on their own. This most often leads to a few stellar, disciplined students succeeding while the vast majority of students struggle. We incorporate live instruction within dynamic learning environments to develop interpersonal skills and institute group-based accountability. Students at EOS LRC Tokyo will experience the right balance of the classical and the digital. 

Why Choose an Education Backed by Elite Education Group?

Since 1987, Elite Education Group has been working with students and families to achieve their education dreams and admission goals. Serving tens of thousands of students annually in 50+ campuses in 7 countries, Elite Prep, as it is commonly known, is a powerhouse in supplemental college preparatory education and college admissions counseling. Elite Education Group provides a wealth of experience and knowledge about college entrance and long term academic preparation.

Student Assessment

At EOS LRC Tokyo, student assessments present a useful tool for gauging student aptitude throughout the enrollment process. Through Elite Prep, we also offer an extensive range of diagnostic assessments throughout the school year. In accordance with accreditation standards, all EOS LRC Tokyo students will also have their progress tracked against regional and national standards through the iReady assessment system. By utilizing regular assessments in addition to semester grades, EOS LRC Tokyo is able to calibrate a student’s trajectory relative to his or her goals while logging a repository of information to evaluate growth for parents and families.


1-31-18 Ebisunishi Shibuya
Takakura Dai 7 Rm 303 Tokyo