Hope Campus: Indonesia

The project for Elite Open School Hope Campus in Bogor (West Java), Indonesia for refugee children has officially begun. A group of refugee children, aged 6 to 18, from Sri Lanka, Iraq, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Afghanistan in the area will receive a quality education through Elite Open School. This non- profit education project is initiated and maintained by Elite Education Group.


Academic Courses offered at Elite Open School


These courses are wasc-certified and fulfil the high-school graduation requirements for the University of California. Hence they meet the general US high-school requirements.

The full-time semester class load is minimum four courses. Students are encouraged to take extra elective courses, and our coding programs. Our academic director will guide each student for every semester.

Elite Open School



Elite Open School, a member of WASC, is an international school designed and created by Elite Education Group, a globally recognized leader in education with 30 years of experience. Elite recognises that the educational landscape is changing and that families are looking for options that are both personalised and flexible. Read on to find out why Elite Open School might be the right school for you.

– Elite Open School is registered with College Board as K-12 School. School Code: 050304.
– We’re also listed in UC Doorways. Parents, students and high school counsellors (who are thinking about approving students taking extra courses outside of their school) can see us enlisted on the UCOP website.

WASCのメンバーであるエリートオープンスクール(Elite Open School)は、30年間に渡る経験で世界にも認められた教育リーダー、エリート教育研究所(Elite Educational Institute)の最新ベンチャー型マイクロスクールです。エリートは、世界の教育環境が変化しつつあり、多くの家族が個別性と柔軟性の両オップションを探し求めていることを認識してきました。Elite Open Schoolがなぜあなたに適した学校であるかをぜひ下記の内容でご確認いただけますよう願います。

– エリートオープンスクール(ELITE OPEN SCHOOL)は、K-12学区でCollege Boardに登録されています。学校コード:050304。

– The University of Californiaシステムにも記載されています。学校外でも追加のコースを受講できないのか国際学校お探しの保護者、学生および高等学校のカウンセラーの方々はUCOPのウェブサイトでも我が校を見つけることができるでしょう。

Since 1987, families have been trusting Elite to help students gain admission to some of the most selective colleges in the world. Over 100,000 students have gone through Elite’s programs and many have gotten into the college of their choice.

With our rolling admissions policy, you can enrol at any time and begin your studies whenever you like. Feel like getting ahead? Want to take your time? With Elite Open School’s self-paced classes, you can do both.

We recognise that education was never meant to be one size fits all. Our team of professional counsellors are ready to help you achieve your individual goals, no matter what they may be. Recruited athlete? Talented musician? Aspiring actor? Although there may be many reasons you’re looking for a specialised education, only one school can offer you the kind of customised support that our team of educators and counsellors will provide.

With all the benefits of personalized learning and face-to-face instruction, Elite Open School’s Synergy Learning approach gives you the best of both worlds. Students can take their studies while still meeting regularly with teachers either face-to-face. Engaging instruction, multimedia resources, and interactive simulations all combine to provide students with an unparalleled learning experience.


我が校の入学ポリシーに基づき、学生はいつでも自分の希望するクラスに登録することができます。もっと前に進みたいですか?自分の時間がもっと欲しいですか?エリートオープンスクール(Elite Open School)でなら上記の2つが同時に可能です。我がオンラインカリキュラムに24時間体制でアクセスできると共に、そこであなたが設定するスケジュールはそのまま我が校のスケジュールとなります。

私たちは全ての教育がすべての人に合っているとは決して考えていません。私たちの専門相談チームは、あなた自身で設定した目的を達成される支援の準備ができています。アスリートに選ばれた?才能溢れるミュージシャン?注目される俳優?オンライン教育を希望するにはいくつもの理由があるでしょう。それに答え、学校教育とカウンセラーチームが提供できるところは今唯一Elite Open Schoolです。

オンライン学習と対面教育の利点をすべて備えているElite Open SchoolのSynergy Learningアプローチを使用すると、両方のメリットを享受できます。学生は、オンライン授業を聞くことはもちろん、教師との対面面談やビデオチャットを利用することもできます。魅力的なクラス構成の為学生達に提供される、マルチメディアリソース、多様化されたシミュレーションなどは他とは比べられない学習体験に繋がるはずです。

One of the biggest benefits of being a student at Elite Open School is having access to Elite’s eTLC (Elite Total Learning Care) program. eTLC is a comprehensive college counselling package that equips high school students with an individualized plan of action through one-on-one counselling. Discover your personality type, learning style, and dominant modes of intelligence. Participate in workshops on motivation, study skills, and time management. Get assistance with college and major selection, college application personal statements, letters of recommendation, and more. With Elite Open School, you have found your school for college preparation.

Elite Open Schoolの学生にとって最も大きな利点は、EliteのeTLC(Elite Total Learning Care)プログラムへのアクセス権限です。eTLCは高校生に一対一の相談を通じて各自に合わせられた計画が立てられる総合相談パッケージです。先ず自分の性格タイプ、学習スタイル、インテリジェンスモードを見つけてください。モチベーションを高める、学習スキルと時間管理に関するワークショップにも参加してください。大学と専攻が決められるまでアシストも受けましょう。エリートオープンスクール(Elite Open School)を介して、あなたは大学進学のための大事な第一歩を踏み出せるはずです。


Elite Open School Tokyo is located in a private setting in Daikanyama, Shibuya in Tokyo.


The special attributes of our current students are: pro-active, self-motivated, goal-oriented, and diligent, to advance to specific college institutions of their choices.

Elite Open School staff and mentors are also focused to help our students achieve their goals in multiple ways. They are assiduously monitoring students’ progress, helping them maintain a good GPA standing, engaging them in college consultation and application process. As well, Elite Open School Tokyo runs the SAT intensive studies (SAT, SAT Subjects, AP, etc) in the summer and the winter, to assist our students to reach their score aims at college standardize tests.
Elite Open School TOKYO provides an one-stop comprehensive secondary education with experienced college preparation.

エリートオープンスクール東京(ELITE OPEN SCHOOL – TOKYO)は、東京の渋谷区代官山(Daikanyama)、静かな環境の中に位置する国際学校、インターナショナルスクール、グローバルキャンパスです。

今現在の我が学生たちを見ると、プロ – アクティブ先を見越し、セルフモチベイティード自己動機付与ができ、ゴールオリエンティー目標指向的で勤勉に、自ら選択した特定大学への道を進んでいく様子が確認できます。

Elite Open Schoolの全スタッフとメント達は、学生たちが各自多様な方法で自分の目標達成の為努力するところをサポートすることに一番の重点を置いています。スタッフは学生の学習進み具合をマメにモニタリングし、良いGPA状態が維持できるよう支援することが大事で、その為大学の関連カウンセリングや応用プログラムに参加しています。また、Elite Open School TOKYOは、夏と冬学期にSAT集中授業(SAT、SAT Subjects、APなど)を実施、学生たちが大学の標準試験で目標のスコアを達成できるように支援しています。

Elite Open School TOKYO我がインターナショナルスクールは、大学準備過程に置いての豊富な経験を生かし、ワンストップ総合教育を提供していきます。

Call us today to set up an interview. Call (03) 6416-9836.


How we approach ‘total learning’ at Elite Open School: Micro-school


Elite Open School is a Micro-school.

Micro-school is what the future of school might look like.

Small, human-scale schools have served as the preferred choice for most of us throughout the history of our schooling. But Industrial-age principles of scale efficiency and standardization, introduced in the late 19th and early 20th century, have overwhelmed conventional notions of what school should be. We took it as given that schools were supposed to be big, impersonal, and unable to respond nimbly to individual needs of our students.

We like micro-schooling precisely because it constrains us, it forces us to do small batch testing of new ideas, gets us closer to kids and families.

Here’s the working definition of micro-schooling at Elite Open School:

Elite Open School works with a small number of students.

A psychological research suggests that humans can manage no more than about 150 friendships. In our 30 years of experience educating students, this number makes a perfect sense. When a school, or a church, gets beyond about 150 members, it becomes challenging for adults to keep track of individual members.

Elite Open School, as a Micro-school, embraces this constraint and stay small. Bigger schools may reduce fixed costs and diversify teacher expertise. But as the cost of high-quality curriculum moves quickly towards zero, the costs of large schools are starting to outweigh their benefits.

Elite Open School let students drive a majority of what happens during the school day.

While there are many ways to structure a micro-school, a critical component is a daily schedule that allows students to determine how they spend their time. I think this is critically important because children when they grow into adults they will not have someone telling them what to do every day. This is undoubtedly the case in college.

Many college prep schools are quite bad at strengthening a student’s ability to manage themselves in the absence of structure. Yes, this is complicated. Many students need structure to build foundations, but micro-schools have a bias towards loosening the reigns early to ensure that kids learn how to direct, pace and control themselves.

Elite Open School teachers don’t do all the teaching; they manage the quality of learning in many channels.

While the traditional debate about teaching can sometimes degenerate to the virtues of Sage on the stage v. Guide on the side, Elite Open School requires teachers to manage a wide variety of learning styles. Here’s an example of the ways a student might be able to learn something in a good micro-school:

One teacher to many.
Yes. It never completely stopped working since scholars and professionals can be bred in these environments.

One teacher to a few students.
Small groups. Flexibility in the schedule provides many more genuine opportunities to teach small groups when they need or want it.

Software to the student.
Elite Open School is doing to help kids learn on their own. It’s free. Elite Open School do much more than blended-learning. Learning technologies are presented as vital tools for kids to drive their learning, more like how we look at Microsoft Office and other productivity tools, core to work than clever tricks for teachers to squeeze more efficiency out of an otherwise rigid school day.

We do Match education. Our classroom tutors do more before 9 AM than some teachers Do all day. Our teachers and students work like colleagues who know the interests and the goals of everyone.

Student to student.
We also manage to pair kids up as running partners. And it works. Kids take this buddy-system-on-steroids role seriously, and it gives the school another powerful vehicle to let learning happen.

Student to student (one to many).
I want to find some high-schoolers who did well in her academic topics to work for kids. Kids teaching kids, with the same amount of rigour applied to a technique as adult teachers. Elite Open School leverage this method in powerful ways that make them far more potent learning environments.

Brief Memo on tuition, fee, and etc.



Elite Open School’s ‘Total Learning Care’ Tuition: $7000 per semester.  

Our annual tuition is $13,500 paid in two instalments: The tuition deadline for the Fall semester July 25th and for the Spring semester December 20th. The school office will invoice you via email.

The annual tuition covers two annual camps a year (SAT, Junior, etc.). The annual tuition does not include non-regular school programs, such as private tutors, weekend SAT intensive, student-initiated tutor classes, etc.

The initial registration and admission application fee are $300.

The user fees for dedicated use of a desktop computer (Apple iMac), general use of campus printers and scanner, and other equipment are paid each semester. $250 per semester.

The entire cost for Summer Study Abroad is on participating students. The estimated cost for each program will be posted.


Please down the form below for enrollment to Elite Open School:

EOS Registration form


2017/18 School Calendar!


2017 -18 Academic Calendar

  • February 6, 2017 – First day of Spring Semester
  • May 1: Golden Week Holiday
  • June 9: Last day of School
    (Summer Oversea Study Trip)
  • June 26 ~ August 18: 8 weeks Summer Program (SAT Boot Camp)
  • September 5 (Tuesday): First day of Fall Semester
  • December 18~29, 2017: SAT Intensive Program
  • Winter Recess: December 15-January 5 (School resumes on Jan. 9th)
  • December 25: Christmas Dinner for EOS Students and Parents
  • January 26, 2018 – Last Day of Fall Semester
  • February 5, 2018 – First Day of Spring Semester
  • June 15, 2018 – Last Day of Spring Semester
  • SAT Intensives & Junior Summer Camps (June 18th – August 10th)
  • Summer Recess: until August 31st

December 2017 – what happens?


CHRISTMAS DINNER & Mini Concert on 25th

All our students and families of EOS is gathering on the Christmas day for dinner and concert… at the Shinjuku Camp at 5 pm.


Our students (grades 9 and up) are attending our annual SAT winter camp from Dec. 18th to 29th. The camp runs from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm daily. Students from other schools also join our camps.


The camp runs for one week, Dec. 18-22. The camp will have two different age groups: Group A: 4-6 graders. Group B: 7-8 graders. The primary focus of the camp will be writing this year. Students from other international schools join the camp.


Seniors who prepare for college application will have college essay tutor and workshop during the winter recess. We have three students who are expected to graduate in this school year and move on to colleges. Our graduates go to universities in different countries, Japan, USA, England, Australia, and so. Our teachers are from different background and cover the needs of our students’ college application process in those countries.

December mini-Concert on Christmas (25th)


A former teacher and professional clarinettist, Enoch Matsumura, first helped organised our music band, and the group will perform for the first time at our Christmas party. Miss Jinah Kim, our EOS and SAT college prep teacher, continue leading the band and play at the party. She is a singer and musician.

Performing Artists:

  • Jinah Kim
  • Elite Open Band
  • Elite Open Stage for families and talents 😉

Christmas Dinner Reception


new International school at the heart of tokyo

This is Our first post:

Elite Open School, accredited by WASC, is an international school designed and created by Elite Education Group, a globally recognized leader in education with 30 years of experience. Elite recognises that the educational landscape is changing and that families are looking for options that are personalised and flexible.

Please click here to read on to find out why Elite Open School might be the right school for you. [more…]