Advanced Academic Pathways


Freedom. Challenge. Excellence. 

For the chosen students who study with purpose, who have a reason to fight, to dream, and to achieve, Elite Open School LRC Tokyo has curated Advanced Pathways where students can show their academic potential and see just how far their skills and pathways of college and career can go. Advanced Pathways brings to bear resources and opportunities customized for each individual’s academic breakthrough. 

Born from the experience and wisdom of generations of educators and visionary counselors who have guided students and families to transform their futures since 1987, these advanced pathways are an exclusive tier of learning programs for high achieving students in grades 6-12. Partnering with families of selected students, EOS LRC Tokyo provides a tailored curriculum and pathway based on each student’s goals. Together we see these high potential students challenged, changed, and recognized with the highest laurels and awards, which includes top college admission. 

Minerva Baccalaureate @ EOS LRC Tokyo

For students looking to challenge themselves throughout all aspects of their education, Elite Open School LRC Tokyo is proud to offer the transformative Minerva Baccalaureate. Based on the proven principles of engaged learning pioneered by Minerva Schools for college students, this innovative program is unique from an AP or IB program in its holistic, interdisciplinary approach to academics, with an emphasis on the real-world application of knowledge.

The Minerva Baccalaureate is an accelerated, four-year blended program that instills essential skills and career competencies across the core subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. The program integrates structured, personalized learning modalities with engaging teacher-led classes alongside peers to offer the advantages of both individualized and fully active learning methodologies.

Students apply learned concepts and develop skills in complex critical thinking, advanced problem solving, and strategic decision-making — uniquely preparing graduates not only for college acceptance but success at top institutions. The first three years of the Minerva Baccalaureate consist of advanced high school courses, with the final year dedicated to college-level courses, including a capstone project. Graduates receive a high school diploma from Elite Open School LRC Tokyo, a Minerva Baccalaureate diploma, and 32 units of college credit.

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Early College (Dual Diploma) Program

The conventional pathway of academic rigor by way of College Board Advanced Placement courses starting mostly in Junior year is neither flexible, nor ideal. With the added pressure of AP exams, such students have had to apply to a constellation of junior colleges and showcase their academic competency and intellectual drive by also completing an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree. 

Alternatively, EOS LRC Tokyo students who wish to challenge themselves from the start of high school with college level coursework, can culminate their high school careers with a full college-level course load. EOS LRC Tokyo provides a rare opportunity to progress through the UC A-G Requirements, and at the same time elevate each course and subject with college level curriculum and recognition. 

The implications for college admissions or even gap years and even internships abound. Most coursework likely counts as transferable credits, allowing students to matriculate into freshman year with a significant number of college credits that could fulfill general education requirements, sometimes up to Junior standing. This in turn unlocks greater possibilities for double majors, advanced program admissions, or early college graduation. 

Graduates receive a high school diploma from Elite Open School LRC Tokyo, as well as an Associate of Arts degree from a regionally accredited US college or university.