Academic Experience

Core Academic Experience for Middle School Students

1. Master Planning

Our team of educators work with each individual student and parents to form a family’s master plan or multi-year action plan to achieve the desired high school goal, no matter what that may be. What courses to take next year? What to do during summers? Which extra classes or activities can or should the student take? What is the intended target high school? All stakeholders meet regularly every quarter to assess and update the action plan according to the realistic results. While a fluid process, it brings the most stability to the core of academics at EOS.

2. Progress Tracking

Critical to the success of learning performance at EOS is transparent, live, real progress that is visible to all stakeholders from students to mentors to counselors to parents. Students information is centralized into the custom built EOS Student Information System, which is also the hub for all of the digital course content. This information nexus is compiled and analyzed by multiple sets of teams, in layers of analysis and attention. Our system is also the safety net by which alerts can be broadcast to catch any trends or immediate needs for academic reinforcement.

3. Blended Learning Augmentation

The fully accredited EOS LRC Tokyo learning and teaching model, while based on the technology enhanced digital curriculum, relies heavily on a constellation of key players that fill different roles in a student’s educational journey from course teacher to college counselor. It is by far the most defining difference between EOS LRC Tokyo and other schools, traditional, hybrid, and especially online-only. The success of a student in terms of education goals can be guaranteed if you draw upon the specialized professionals of the proven Elite Education Group.

4. Efficiency of Learning

EOS LRC Tokyo, through years of experience, with the wisdom of Elite Prep’s over 30 years of history and results, has really boiled down the middle school education to its core, even with extra focus on the sciences so that students can be ready for any high school, even the top high schools in the world, and still save time to work on passions and experiences beyond the core academic curriculum. We believe this to be the middle school student’s right to have this time freed up for personal exploration and creative growth instead of being saddled with unending busy-work and then suddenly slammed in high school with deciding their future colleges and careers.

5. Holistic Grading System

Because of the importance EOS LRC Tokyo places on holistic development and thus holistic assessment and grading, we worked with our accreditations to pioneer the most fair and holistic grading system for every course that our students take at EOS LRC Tokyo. We believe that course curriculum and content and all the knowledge checks associated with those areas are important but there are subjective elements, growth points that can only be assessed or known by live human mentors and counselors and of course teachers. Therefore, within the EOS LRC Tokyo system, part of the course grade will come from the traditional metrics of grading, assignments, quizzes, tests, finals, and midterms. But another portion will come from the elements of discussion, effort, growth, and other subjective elements at the discretion of the teacher and academic team assigned for that student and class. This leads to fairer, and also more accurate grading which makes student motivation and performance much easier to raise and maintain at high levels.

6. High School Transition

So important is the planned transition to high school for EOS LRC Tokyo middle school students that at every step, especially with course progression planning and monitoring of skills development, a students trajectory is always analyzed against predictive high school performance and projected course tracks. This is the topic of discussion at every meeting with families and if students show passion and improve markedly in areas such as math, then they can be motivated by the upside potentials when they enter high school.

Example Coursework

Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8
English 6English 7English 8
Math 6Math 7 (or Pre-Algebra)Math 8 (or Algebra)
Integrated Science 6Integrated Science 7Integrated Science 8
World HistoryU.S. HistoryCivics
Earth ScienceLife SciencePhysical Science