Academic Experience

Core Academic Experience

  •  Master Planning
    • Our team of educators work with each individual student and parents to form a family’s master plan or multi-year action plan to achieve the desired high school goal, no matter what that may be. What courses to take next year? What to do during summers? Which extra classes or activities can or should the student take? What is the intended target high school? All stakeholders meet regularly every quarter to assess and update the action plan according to the realistic results. While a fluid process, it brings the most stability to the core of academics at EOS LRC Tokyo. 
  • Progress Tracking
    • Critical to the success of learning performance at EOS LRC Tokyo is transparent, live, real progress that is visible to all stakeholders from students to mentors to counselors to parents. Students information is centralized into the custom built EOS LRC Tokyo Student Information System, which is also the hub for all of the digital course content. This information nexus is compiled and analyzed by multiple sets of teams, in layers of analysis and attention. Our system is also the safety net by which alerts can be broadcast to catch any trends or immediate needs for academic reinforcement.
  • Blended Learning Augmentation
    • The fully accredited EOS LRC Tokyo learning and teaching model, while based on the technology enhanced digital curriculum, relies heavily on a constellation of key players that fill different roles in a student’s educational journey from course teacher to college counselor. It is by far the most defining difference between EOS LRC Tokyo and other schools, traditional, hybrid, and especially online-only. The success of a student in terms of education goals can be guaranteed if you draw upon the specialized professionals of the proven Elite Education Group. 
  • Efficiency of Learning
    • EOS LRC Tokyo, through years of experience, has figured out the best, most effective and yet efficient way for students to have a robust transcript worthy of applying to top colleges and universities, achieving the same robust standards such as UC A-G Requirements in the shortest time possible with maximized GPAs. For students who wish to have more challenge and rigor, we have advanced pathways that require more time but we also have standardized pathways that will take less time and still get students to Top 50 schools such as UCLA. This saving of time is the first advantage of all the benefits EOS LRC Tokyo students enjoy because it is the one that allows all others. With the control of core curriculum completion time, for the first time, families now have the luxury of decisions to make on pursuing their passions in creative arts, sports, etc. Efficiency is the absolute key to holistic learning and diverse experiences. A school cannot claim holistic growth without carefully calculating and reining in, when necessary, with wisdom, the core coursework.  
  • Holistic Grading System
    • Because of the importance EOS LRC Tokyo places on holistic development and thus holistic assessment and grading, we worked with our accreditations to pioneer the most fair and holistic grading system for every course that our students take at EOS LRC Tokyo. We believe that course curriculum and content and all the knowledge checks associated with those areas are important but there are subjective elements, growth points that can only be assessed or known by live human mentors and counselors and of course teachers. Therefore, within the EOS LRC Tokyo system, part of the course grade will come from the traditional metrics of grading, assignments, quizzes, tests, finals, and midterms. But another portion will come from the elements of discussion, effort, growth, and other subjective elements at the discretion of the teacher and academic team assigned for that student and class. This leads to fairer, and also more accurate grading which makes student motivation and performance much easier to raise and maintain at high levels. 
  • College Planning and Transition
    • There are high schools that have a focus on education largely for the sake of education. EOS LRC Tokyo however was established and carries out a different mission, born from its history with first time college families, immigrants, missionaries, athletes, and artists, all with very specific missions for college and careers beyond. Everything done at EOS LRC Tokyo for the student is done with the college intent at the root thought and intent. There is no policy nor is there one recommendation for a student that we make without the future of our students in mind. Therefore, from onboarding, to coursework, to counselor meetings, to application and matriculation guidance, families appreciate our long-term planning as done for college and their future careers in mind.

Example Coursework

Grade 9Grade 1 0Grade 11Grade 12
English 9English 10English 11English 12
GeometryAlgebra 2Pre-CalculusAP Calculus AB
Art AppreciationBiologyChemistryPhysics
Geography and World CulturesWorld HistoryU.S. HistoryU.S. Government and Politics
Spanish ISpanish IISpanish IIIAP Macroeconomics
Creative WritingHealthAP Computer Science PrinciplesAP Spanish Language and Culture
PEPEAP Psychology

This is only a sample progression. Please see our Graduation Requirements for a full list of what a student will need to take throughout their high school experience.