December 2017 – what happens?


CHRISTMAS DINNER & Mini Concert on 25th

All our students and families of EOS is gathering on the Christmas day for dinner and concert… at the Shinjuku Camp at 5 pm.


Our students (grades 9 and up) are attending our annual SAT winter camp from Dec. 18th to 29th. The camp runs from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm daily. Students from other schools also join our camps.


The camp runs for one week, Dec. 18-22. The camp will have two different age groups: Group A: 4-6 graders. Group B: 7-8 graders. The primary focus of the camp will be writing this year. Students from other international schools join the camp.


Seniors who prepare for college application will have college essay tutor and workshop during the winter recess. We have three students who are expected to graduate in this school year and move on to colleges. Our graduates go to universities in different countries, Japan, USA, England, Australia, and so. Our teachers are from different background and cover the needs of our students’ college application process in those countries.

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